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Who was Maria Dickin? Celebrating PDSA’s incredible founder

by PDSA | 22 September 2020

Today, PDSA’s founder Maria Dickin CBE would have been 150. We’re taking a look at who Maria was and why she decided to set up the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor.

How we’ve been helping pets during the pandemic

by PDSA | 18 September 2020

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been working hard to keep our 48 Pet Hospitals open for emergency and urgent treatment. We’ve helped thousands of pets in need since the start of the pandemic.

How to make cakes for your dog

by PDSA | 15 September 2020

We all love to treat our dogs and with the “Great British Bake Off” returning to our screens next week, you might be thinking about firing up the oven to make a tasty treat for your four-legged companion.

How to teach your dog the cup game

by Anna | 11 September 2020

With children across the UK heading back to school, the house may be feeling a little quiet for our pets. PDSA Vet Anna has put together an easy guide on how to play the cup game with your dog to help keep them occupied.

Five activities to keep your dog busy

by PDSA | 9 September 2020

If your dog has been used to getting all of your attention during lockdown, getting back to ‘normal’ can be difficult for them. We’ve got some great ideas of things your dog can do safely to keep them occupied, making them feel happy and relaxed while you’re busy.


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