Homemade toys for cats

It can sometimes be difficult to keep your cat active. Luckily, you can tap into their natural instinct to chase and play. Cats toys help keep them active, but there's no need to break the bank.

There are lots of low-cost ways of giving your cat lots of toys. You can even make toys with items from around your house.



Cats love sitting and hiding in boxes. Even the biggest cats will try to find a way to squeeze into a shoe box! Try closing up a medium sized box and cutting a couple of holes in it. Your cat will be able to climb in and out of it.


Toilet rolls

Empty toilet rolls are a cheap way of keeping kitty happy. You can turn them into puzzle toys by popping a few treats in then folding the edges inside and letting your cat figure out how to get inside.


Old clothing

You can repurpose old clothing into fun new toys for your cat.

Try cutting old t-shirts into strips and knotting a few of them together in the middle. Hold a couple strips and dangle or wiggle this near your cat -- they will love to pounce! You could also make a kick-toy by filling an old sock with fabric scraps and a generous pinch of catnip. Then sew it up at the top.


Pom poms

You can make pom poms easily at home without any sewing or glue. There are plenty of how-to videos online. Your cat will love being able to hit and chase them around.


Wand toy

Cat wands are great for playing with your cat. You can make them at home with a piece of dowel, elastic and fabric strips, raffia or feathers. Drill a small hole in the dowel, tie the string to this and tie, glue or sew some fabric strips, feathers or raffia to the end to make a tempting toy for your cat.