Five reasons pets are great for our mental health

by PDSA | 30 March 2020 #Lifestyle

Just one look from your pet is all it takes to brighten up even the gloomiest of days!

Did you know that scientific studies have proven that owning a pet can be good for your physical and mental health? There are lots of great things about having a pet. They give us something positive to focus our mind and energy one. Our pets are great for us when life seems a bit grey and for helping us to meet new people, leaving us feeling a little less lonely and vulnerable.


They offer companionship

Our pets give us the company we need when we maybe can’t get out to see other people. They’re there to talk to and comfort us, no matter what.


They’re a reason to get up in the morning

Being responsible for and looking after something other than ourselves can be really motivational and give us something to focus on. Taking care of a pet gives a lot of us purpose and can be a big help in getting us up to crack on with the day.


They can reduce stress

Some pets can be really calming – in fact specially trained dogs are used as therapy dogs to help people or as Recovery Assistance Dogs. Owners often find their pet helps to calm them, whether it’s by talking to them or just giving them a fuss.


They help us develop good habits

Any owner knows how important it is to get into a routine with your pet. Playtime and outdoor exercise (even if it’s just in the garden) are great habits for us and our pets and help keep both our minds and bodies active! Keeping to a schedule every day also gives us some structure (even when our days seem a little jumbled).


They need us, too

We owe it to our pets to take care of them as well as we can and this includes providing for all of their needs. Taking care of a pet can make us feel needed. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to give your pet the life they deserve.

The right pet, at the right time

Thinking about getting a pet? Make sure you have considered everything before getting yourself a furry friend. If you’re unsure if getting a pet is right for you then take a look at our advice on buying a puppy or kitten

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