Why black cats are great

by Mair | 7 October 2019 #Justforfun

We love all pets here at PDSA, but there are often reports about how certain pets can be a little overlooked. Black cats in particular seem to spend more time waiting to be rehomed than other, more ‘colourful’ cats.

Good luck, bad luck, a witch’s pet… there’s a lot of myths around our mysterious feline friends and we’ll admit that not all of them are great. Some people would also argue that social media is a reason black cats aren’t getting a lot of love because (apparently) they don’t photograph well (read on to see how wrong that is…).

We, however, think black cats are wonderful and there’s loads of reasons you should consider adopting one if you’re thinking of getting a cat. Obviously your local rehoming centre will do their best to match you with the perfect pet, but all we ask is that you don’t overlook a black cat who’s perfect for you!

Here's why we think black cats are brilliant:


1. We don’t live in the middle ages.

Black kitten tilting head to one side

The whole black cats and witches myth started sometime in the middle ages. We’re talking a thousand years ago here. They’ve gotten a whole negative reputation based on myth, when really they’re no different to any other cat (some might argue they’re better, but we’re trying not to be too biased).


2. Black cats are actually good luck!

Black cat looking at camera next on wooden deck

OK, so there’s nothing actually scientific to back this one up, but hear us out. Sailors used to take black cats aboard ships not only to catch mice but also because they believed they brought them good luck. In Scotland, a black cat turning up at your door is a sign of prosperity!


3. They *might* live longer.

Black cat lying down licking paw

According to researchers at the National Institute of Health, the gene that causes their fur to be black also protects them against certain diseases. So your black cat is scientifically less likely to fall ill with certain diseases. Scientists are also using this to help study human diseases.


4. Black cats can help your love life.

Black cat playing with pink feather toy

We’ve all heard the term ‘crazy cat lady’, but in some parts of the world black cats are believed to help their owners find love. They’re even believed to be the perfect wedding gift in some areas of the UK as they are thought to bring luck and happiness to the bride (disclaimer: please don’t give a cat as a wedding gift. A gravy boat will do just fine).


5. They were worshipped.

Black cat sunbathing

In Ancient Egypt, all cats were worshipped – including black cats. All cats were seen as sacred. In fact, the Egyptian goddess Bastet (who protected the home from evil spirits and disease) is often portrayed as having the body of a woman and, you guessed it, the head of a black cat.


If you are thinking of getting a cat, take a look at our article which has everything to think about before you get one. We also have advice on how to make your home cat friendly and keeping your feline friend as healthy as possible.


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