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Five signs you’re a pet mum

by PDSA | 29 February

With Mother’s Day almost upon us, we’re celebrating all the pet mums out there. Whether you’re a cat mum, dog mum or a mum to bunnies, pets are family and the bond we share with our furry friends is special. We’re so lucky to be able to share our lives with our precious furry companions.

How pet insurance works

by PDSA | 20 February

If you are feeling the pinch due to the cost of living crisis, you might have found yourself looking closely at your bank statement and wondering what you can do to make things a little easier on your wallet.

New Year’s resolutions for pet owners

by PDSA | 1 January

A new year may mean you’re thinking about ‘new year, new you’ – so why not include your pet in your resolutions?

Five signs you like your pet more than your partner

by PDSA | 13 February 2023

If you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you’ll agree, pets are a part of the family. With Valentine’s Day and Love Your Pet Day landing within a week of each other, you might be thinking about who your most important companion really is.

Keeping guinea pigs warm in winter

by PDSA | 31 January 2023

Our small pets feel the cold too, even if they’re used to living outside. Guinea pigs originally came from the mountains of South America - their ideal living temperature is between 15-20 degrees, similar to our own. Guinea pigs are sensitive to the cold and can become unwell if they get too chilly.

Keeping rabbits warm in winter

by PDSA | 30 January 2023

Our small pets feel the cold too, even if they’re used to living outside. In the wild rabbits live in underground burrows, which stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But with us, they spend a lot more time above ground, so it’s important to find ways to help them stay warm. You can make their winter a warm one by following our top tips.


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