How to show your pet you love them

by PDSA | 13 February #Lifestyle

It’s Valentine’s Day (nearly) and time to show that special someone in our lives just how much we love them – even if they have four paws rather than two feet!

Let’s face it, we can always rely on our pets to show us unconditional love and support, and there are loads of reasons they’re way better than people. That’s why they definitely deserve something special in return this Valentine’s Day. Or just every day.

Now, although we try, our pets don’t always love the things we do for them. For example, giving your cat eye contact is a big no-no, as is petting your dog on the head. Luckily, we’re here to help you with the things your pet will love!


Go on a new walking route

Labrador puppy on walk with owner

This is only really for dogs, but taking them on a new walking route you’ve never been on before (or one you haven’t been on in a long time) with lots of new sounds and smells is a great way to show you love them. They’ll really appreciate getting to take it slow and have a proper explore, so make sure you’ve got a lot of time to give on this one!


Play their favourite game

Cat playing with feather toy

Most pets love to play and you might find yours has a favourite game they like to play with you. Set aside a bit of extra time to dedicate to playing with your pet – it’ll help the two of you bond, keep them active and show them just how important they are to you.


Get them a fun new toy

Westie with a Frisbee

We all like getting gifts and our pets are no different. It’s good to keep their toys quite varied anyway so they don’t get bored, so buying them a new one is a great opportunity to a) buy them a gift, and b) prove you’re an awesome owner by keeping things interesting. You can even check out our pet store for some good toys.


Pamper them

Cat being combed

Pets with longer fur usually need a little extra help on the grooming front. If your pet enjoys being brushed, make time for a daily brush (it’ll also help to keep on top of pet hair around the home). We have plenty of advice on grooming if you’re unsure.


Spend quality time together

Cat sleeping on owner's knee

Mostly, your pet will just enjoy having you around. Whether that means sitting on the sofa and watching TV while your cat curls up on your lap or chilling in the garden with your dog, they’ll just love to be with you. Try to make sure you put aside as much time as you can to spend just you and your pet to make them feel really appreciated.


Could you help pets this Valentine’s?

At PDSA, we’re here to help poorly pets in need so they can stay with their loving families. We treat over 200 pets a day who otherwise would go without treatment. No owner should have to give up their companion because they’ve fallen on hard times and no pet should go without the treatment they deserve. We’d appreciate any help you can give us – please show a little love for all pets this Valentine’s Day and donate to PDSA.

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