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What it's like to work at a PDSA Pet Hospital on Christmas Day

by PDSA | 22 December 2021

We caught up with Veterinary Surgeon Olivia-Anderson Nathan, who works at our Glasgow (Shamrock Street) PDSA Pet Hospital, to get an insight into what it's like to work at one of our Pet Hospitals on Christmas Day.

Pets for Christmas

by PDSA | 10 December 2021

With all the joy of Christmas, it can feel like a tempting time to bring a new pet into your own or a loved one’s home. However, with the hustle and bustle that the season brings, it may not be the best time to welcome a new furry friend. Our vets are here to give you their advice, as well as alternatives for your pet-enthusiastic loved ones!

DIY guinea pig Christmas wreath

by PDSA | 9 December 2021

Your guinea pigs may be little, but it doesn't mean that they can't get involved with the Christmas festivities. Get them into the Christmas spirit with our simple, natural DIY hay wreath!

How to make gingerbread dog biscuits

by PDSA | 8 December 2021

Dig out your whisk and get your pooch into the festive spirit with these delicious easy-to-make gingerbread dog biscuits! Nothing screams Christmas like homemade treats and these biscuits can make the perfect gifts for all of your doggy friends, too – we won’t tell your dog, if you don’t! Let’s get baking!

Pet care advice for winter

by PDSA | 7 December 2021

Just like us, our pets might need a little extra TLC over the winter months! It’s important they stay safe, warm and active as temperatures start to drop, whether you have a dog, cat or a smaller pet.

How to have a pet-friendly Christmas

by PDSA | 6 December 2021

Our pets are (our favourite, shh!) members of the family, so it’s only natural that we want them to be involved at the most wonderful time of the year. But from tempting toxic treats to decorative disasters, there are some things that we need to keep our pets safe from over the festive season.


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